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At the table, we bow our heads as Gayle says grace: He had been a telecommunications major with a minor in journalism, but after this experience he believed he had been called to be a pastor. According to the documentary, Haggard had begun a new career selling insurance. He was forced to resign from the church he led for 22 years. One man, who did not identify himself, said the congregation expects Haggard will address them during weekend services. Packiam still considers the Haggards friends, but when I asked if he thought Ted should be back in the ministry, he was careful.

When I start to ask about Mike Jones, the escort who exposed him, he cuts me off.

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Olympic Committee after it allegedly failed to protect Olympic athletes from serial child molester Larry Nassar. Former escort Mike Jones, talks about his alleged sexual relations with evangelical Ted Haggard. But Ted's true sore spot, the thing that drains the life from his voice, is the way he and Gayle were treated by their church in the wake of the scandal.

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Haggard on Friday declined to discuss the discrepancy.