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Their frequency and visibility is a function of societal mores, and in most societies they have suffered discrimination or worse. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. It has also been suggested that because pedophilic offenders have also been found to have a reduced BSTc, a feminine BSTc may be a marker for paraphilias rather than transsexuality. The good news is, simplistic assumptions about transgender people will likely go the same way; the bad news is, as long as there is science—which means forever—there will be people willing to misuse what it teaches. I made much the same argument to explain why homosexuality is so common, although gay men have fewer children than average. Fran is now a mental health worker and peer support trainer.

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By health reporter Olivia Willis. This helps us to identify individuals in this state and assist them accordingly. Scientists speculate that the definition of masculine characteristics during puberty and the increased social status afforded to men are two possible motivations for a female-to-male transition. Those more-fortunate kids, however, are also likelier to be white, a fact that can easily be spun as a function not of income but of intellect.

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