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When I walked in, I swear the room turned silent and everyone stared as if they'd never seen a baby dyke before. We only had our hearts. I figured this all out in the early '80s, a good 10 years after I'd been active in the lesbian scene, which for my generation took place as much in meeting rooms and demonstrations as it did in bars. A Western phenomenon. We next investigated whether there were differences in profile membership based on age, gender, bisexuality, adult heterosexual sexual experience, or college education.

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Every seat at the bar was taken by men decades older than me.

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Future research may profitably evaluate both how patterns of development are consistent across gender and how social and hormonal factors shape sexual orientation identity development among men and women. I came fairly late to gay bars, since I came fairly late to alcohol, not until my mids, when job hatred medically required that I develop a taste for spirits. When I recently moved back to upstate New York, one of the first things I did was try to find the bar to show my partner. Transitions from heterosexuality to lesbianism:

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I never went back.

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