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LBW Paula is adorable. Aida and Padma are the two hottest female TV chefs out of the ones they mentioned. Is there a Aida Mollenkamp action figure? Classy October 12, at I think she seems very nice and it's about time we recognize you don't have to be a size nothing to be beautiful. I like Guy a lot. The importance of high heat, when needed.

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RKB I agree-the haters that don't like Paula Deen are either "Yankees" or self-important people that don't appreciate that her show is all about Southern Cooking in a traditional Southern way-if these comments were made about any other "chef" on any other network representing their "heritage" would the comments be as negative??

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Three things we love this week, Oct. 7-13, 2012

Groty Sorry, but Paula isn't a Chef and she'll never claim to be. The Ask Aida format has no appeal for me. Jess Noo Rachel Ray has creepy tiny hands. Now, every man who looks at that trash will want a little chef-ess "toy. This is obviously a joke. Smilie Those two were the very best. I assume you are American, Jeff.

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I think she's nice and I'm glad she got recognized, but c'mon I assume you are American, Jeff. If Paula Deen couldn't open a can or a package of some mix she wouldn't be able tocook anything at all. The importance of high heat, when needed. This country is in trouble- the bar has been lowered too far and the sheeple just go along with it. Way to go Paula, well deserved! Is Aida Mollenkamp still alive?

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