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Thailand is the Mecca of adventure, carefree living, and open-mindedness. Experience the highlights and iconic locations of New Zealand and meet some of our trusted local partners who are eager to welcome you into their lives. Safari, wine, 5-star cuisine and magnificent landscapes that will create memories to last a lifetime! As gay travelers, this trip gives us the ability to take in the Middle East while enjoying the comfort of gay welcoming community. Green Dragon Vietnam plus Cambodia Details. Think cosmopolitan Cape Town where you can dive with great white sharks, summit iconic Table Mountain, and walk in the footsteps of incredible history. This exclusive Gay Sicily Tour will focus on the eastern part of this amazing region, fast becoming a gay hotspot.

Pretty much everyone in the city takes a box of fireworks outside just before midnight to blow up the old year then party until dawn.

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We tour the world-famous historic highlights, like the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, now symbols of the country's mystery and glory, the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, which allows incredible opportunities for close-up exploration inside pyramid tombs, the colossal, 1,year-old Karnak Temple, and the bounties of the world's longest river; the Nile. I had such a great time that I returned for my second Toto Tour to the Balkans one year later! During the height of the Holy Roman Empire, Central Europe nurtured architectural and musical influences that continue to this day.

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Gay tour to Mexico revealing the captivating history of Aztec civilization and visits to archeological sites and historic city Guanajuato.