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This also goes along with the fact that at the time of this album, they were still giving off the impression of lesbians to everyone, so this interpretation really hits home. Join Now! Edit Wiki. Plus, it fits in a lot with my life, so I like it. And it's to be interpreted by ALL audiences, hetero-homo-bi-sexual, etc. Although t.

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If the word said was in fact malchiky, then the sound at the end of malchik would have to be a long e sound.

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That would be the cause of torment for the one singing as the feelings were doomed from the very start. So, yeah, I know that's not what it's about, but I like that idea the best. General Comment Okay, with Malchik Gay translated as gay boy, it's easy to see how the story goes

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And to ALL those people over the years wondering it's meaning:

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