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And then came another pivotal moment, Jackson said. In addition to educating the current and future crop of doctors, Horton-Martin wants to see ongoing education for veteran doctors who did not have the resources available now. But first, we define our terms. By Susmita Baral. Clinicians recommend that parents do not facilitate the transition of pre-adolescent children to the other gender, said Stanton, who has written and spoken extensively on gender identity. Research by Alice Jones. People are almost always designated male or female at birth based on genitalia.

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By Susmita Baral.

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She giggled at my questions, especially when I asked about guys. Photographs by Robin Hammond. Today, we're not only talking about gender roles for boys and girls—we're talking about our evolving understanding of people on the gender spectrum.

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How different it might be if E lived where a formal role existed that was neither man nor woman but something in between—a role that constitutes another gender.

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