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Initially, we trust Tina and admire her protectiveness of Dana from the kids… Watch. Gus Van Sant's loose Shakespearean adaptation brought the New Queer Cinema movement into the mainstream, with River Phoenix as a young, narcoleptic hustler and Keanu Reeves as his best friend and unrequited love interest. Shank Release: Deep, Romantic, Dramatic and utterly hilarious, a Rainbow indeed. Midnight Cowboy 01 hours 53 minutes. Once the sexual tension has been released they're having an intimate conversation, about gay….

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Bite Marks 01 hours 24 minutes.

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Almost Normal 01 hours 30 minutes. Rubber Dolphin 29 mins A portrait of one night's intimacy between two men that just met. But Jeffrey 's strength is found in its comic and playful look at a search for love amid the AIDS crisis, offering the kind of unabashed joy most of its contemporaries were unable to match. New couple Jasmine and Penny find an anonymous suicide note while on a brunch date with "perfect" lesbian couple, Jordan and Billie.

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Amazon iTunes Todd Haynes brings Patricia Highsmith's cult novel to the big screen in this lush and seductive film following a young shopgirl named Therese Rooney Mara who finds herself charmed by an alluring older woman named Carol Cate Blanchett.

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