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I couldn't help it, I was too mesmerized by perfect by his perfection. I have never gotten a blowjob before, but now I see why guys love it. Now at this point I was already Bi but it was something I never told Brian because I was to afraid to make things between us weird or to end our friendship all together because Brian seemed to me to be straighter than straight. My hard on then jumped out. I felt a little weird about this, but I had already decided not to be shy so I went for it. Big Dick at the Party Bicurious guy goes to a party and has his curiosity tested.

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In the looks dept. As I was sucking on his dick I took my 8-inches of hard man meat out and was stroking it in time with his thrusts. I had one close friend that I would talk to about sex once I started public school, but he was pretty shy as well so we never actually saw each other naked or talked about our bodies. By now, the sweat started to roll.

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From his pubes to his balls to having his long shaft down my throat, it was all amazing.

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