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Want access to the best analysis and in-depth reporting about Alabama each week? Langford further stated that it was inappropriate for the government to condone a lifestyle. Share this article. Langford fired him and built the dinosaur attraction, which quickly malfunctioned after it rained. He refused to allow banners on city property for the event. I have distant family who grow their own food and keep gold hidden in the house, but not me. Jury deliberations lasted about 45 minutes — not even enough time to read the entire indictment — and that included the five or 10 minutes several jurors stepped outside to smoke.

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No one who ran background research on him could find a definitive public record.

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Mueller Why is it that there is always someone present to preach to the victims about anger, being forgiving and not being hateful, but they never preach to the abusers who are angry, non-forgiving and hateful? Cooper later withdrew his case after a judge declared Langford's downtown loft a legal residence. They had land where we could grow things.

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The exact charges are under court seal, but according to The Birmingham News:.

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