Many fireman are gay

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But this is based on a rigid assumption of heterosexuality, said a young gay firefighter. Despite a department policy of non-discrimination, despite working in a city where homosexual men and women serve as elected officials and are courted for their political clout, inside the walls of the fire stations many of the old prejudices remain, according to gay and lesbian firefighters. But here is the issue, gang: It creates an uncomfortable situation for you; dealing with your situation is probably difficult enough. So here is the issue for discussion:

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Although the fire chief has been invited to participate every year, joining the mayor and the police chief, he has always declined.

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The gay firefighters making a difference in country Victoria

No sex in the firehouse for anyone of any gender or sexual orientation. For her, the day was a triumph. I'm happy to help. Young and other gay firefighters say that with new recruits coming in and old-timers retiring, things are bound to change. If you are not willing to help whoever dialsthen this is a very poor career choice for you. If I lied about that, how could people trust me, which, in my mind, is the number-one issue regardless of lifestyle?

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This behavioral problem exists with men and women, so those women out there shaking their heads, listen to the things you say as well. What's the right move? And, as mentioned above, the talk may continue. Either way, the talk continues. Do we have studies on that? I do my job very well even they admit itand this is what I will do forever.

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