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Lest one presume, thus, that Crompton is a bumpkin, let it be known that he has travelled for many decades in the most erudite of essentialist circles, bravely standing up to constructionists, deconstructionists, pseudo-psychohistorians, postmodernists, post-postmodernists — and other nonessentialists — for decades, risking life, limb and liberty to insist that homosexuals by any other name, as Gertrude Stein might have noted, have always existed. Wrote Will Portman of his coming out two years ago: In Octoberyear-old gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard was beaten into a coma and tied to a fence outside Laramie, where he would not be discovered for 18 hours. Toto Tours additionally plans private trips for groups. Not only had Hagel spoken disparagingly of Hormel, but he had "a zero-per-cent rating three times from the Human Rights Campaign, the leading gay-rights lobby," according to Richard Socarides. The reason for DOMA was anti-gay animus by a group of men who showed their respect for marriage by divorcing multiple times and having affairs.

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His party even won seats in the House and Senate the same year his scandal dominated the news, as the public defied political predictions and turned against the moralists instead of the man they accused.

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Over the course of two decades, Asian tour company the Purple Dragon has garnered high praise for connecting travelers within the gay travel market. Newt Gingrich, who stepped down as House Speaker after the Republicans performed poorly at the polls inin lost his comeback bid and the Republican presidential primary. Clinton was impeached over his infidelity, but he hung on to office and became one of the most beloved ex-presidents ever.

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Listen to America.

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