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It comes from a studyconducted in Sweden, that examined only those people who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery and legally changed their gender, then applied to change their gender back—a standard that, Carey pointed out, would have excluded her and most of the detransitioners she knows. I like how I look, I really do. Most began transitioning during adolescence or early adulthood. These colleagues are approving teenagers for hormone therapy, or even top surgery, without fully examining their mental health or the social and family influences that could be shaping their nascent sense of their gender identity. Republicans are on board, at least as it pertains to the power of the big tech platforms such as Facebook and Google. They asked her to start keeping a journal, hoping it would help her explore those feelings. With the help of celebrated stylist and creative director Nicola Formichetti, who donated his time to this project, these teens were able to connect their outward appearance to their inward selves.

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They say they were nudged toward the physical interventions of hormones or surgery by peer pressure or by clinicians who overlooked other potential explanations for their distress.

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Her parents were skeptical, both because of the social influence they saw at work and because Delta had anxiety and depression, which they felt could be contributing to her distress. This past June, she underwent her gender confirmation surgery -- a procedure that, in her case, essentially re-fashioned male genitalia into a female equivalent. There is no shortage of information available for parents trying to navigate this difficult terrain.

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